During my university course one of the modules was called UX and accessibility.

I was given a task to produce a learning mobile app prototype for autistic pupils.  

The main purpose of this app is to provide travel assistance and to put Hodan mind at ease throughout the trip to and from Spain. The app will work on all devices from mobile to tablet so he can download it either on his mobile or tablet. The app will work online and offline without internet connection so Hodan will not need to have access to the internet to use the app.  All of the content that will be put into the app will enable Hodan to move forward step by step with the journey.

All of the graphics were produced using photoshop and illustrator. To make the app interactive I used a prototype tool called Flinto. 

I went through the whole design process from low fidelity prototype to the final design.

 We were asked to produce a persona, user journey and scenario